Blog: June 24. Cold

I went for a ride in Lithgow and Orange on the weekend, and it was chilly. In fact, under clear, blue skies and with the sun shining yesterday morning it was just a whisker below zero when I left Orange yesterday morning. The fog surrounding Bathurst was murderous, and the ice on the road kept the heart rate up, but I got through it in one piece and made it home last night, so all went well.

The ride was RideADV’s ‘Insanely Cold 2 Day Navigation Ride’, and like all RideADV events, it was a beauty. The riding was excellent. The only fly in the ointment for me was I had to use BattleAx A 41 tyres, a 70/30 road/off-road tyre. I phoned before the event and was assured I’d been fine. There’d been no rain for ages.

The first section looked like this…

It was slimy crap.

It was an optional section, so there was an easy dirt road to get around it, and it was the only section of the day I didn’t complete. The rest of the ride was dry and glorious…except for one big mudhole in the pine forest. As I thought, “Geez. That looks a bit sli…” down I went.

No damage, and it was fantastic to be out on my own bike for a couple of days.

The second day was cold – minus two – when I went out to start the bike. The ignition had frozen solid and I had to pour hot water over it to get the key to turn. There was ice everywhere and the morning section had top be cancelled because the road and trails were too dangerous. I had an 800km ride home, so I pointed the KLR north and here I am.

Meanwhile Pottsy went and saw a couple of guys depart for a ‘shortest day’ ride from Sawtell headland to Wanaaring. His pic’s a crack-up…Stuart Ball and Nick McQuilty made it into Wanaaring, so have set a mark for anyone wanting attempt a shortest day ride.

Other than that it’s work as usual for me, which, I see on this morning’s e-mail, includes another to trip to Italy soon.

So that’ll be nice.


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