Blog: July 9. Just been workin’.

I’ve been in Sydney for most of the week for work, and that means I haven’t done any riding.

I did manage to pick up the Dominator, so I was able to change the rear wheels over yesterday (Saturday) and do a short, quiet run into town. It was glorious. The weather was fantastic and the bike was, too. I actually started the day on the knobby and the difference on the road when I swapped the rear wheel for a 50/50 tyre was big. The TKC70 runs so much smoother and quieter.

Other than that I haven’t had much bike time aide from some five-minute seeions in the yard on the Montesa. I haven’t heard anything much about anyone else either.

The pic is a bike I’ll be riding later in the month: the Benelli TRK502X.

I’m a  bit interested in it because I love the idea of 500cc twin, and the spoked wheels and ground clearance look good for a 50/50, Dominator-style bike. The worries come from it being Italian, looking a little bulky with a lot of cosmetic plastic…

Still, I remember thinking that about the Dominator in 1994.

The 17/19 wheel combo points to a road orientation, but I really don’t know anything. I’m guessing from the promotional material, the same as everyone else. I’m just excited because I’m not keen on litre-class bikes for my personal use, but I love multicylinder motors and a 500cc twin sounds brilliant.

That’ll do for this week. I hope to get some time on one of my own bikes during this week, so maybe I’ll have something interesting for next week.



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