Blog: July 16. A lazy week

It’s been a strange week. Normally after a trip to Sydney for work I have a little free time to catch up on things at home, but it hasn’t worked out that way so far. This past week I’ve hardly left my desk.

Today has been a sporting overload, though.

Tennis has nothing to do with anything, I know, but anyone who saw last night’s/today’s interrupted Wimbledon semi surely must be as in awe as I am? And Toni Bou set the fastest time in qualifying at the TrialGP in France. He then went on to win the event and his 100th TrialGP. I saw bits and pieces of the live feed on Facebook, and I’m surprised at how I find that live feed so captivating. There are long periods where there’s just nothing happening, and the coverage is about as amateur as it can get. I think it’s even shot on a phone. But the presenter is really good, and the uncertain nature of what will happen next, and when it will happen, is addictive.

I couldn’t sit staring at it all day – I had plenty to do – but I enjoy it when I can watch it.

For those with an interest in trials, Loris Gubian won the e-bike class. I wondered where’d he’d got to.

Tonight is MotoGP at the Sachsenring of course, and I’m already chewing my nails in anticipation of another incredible event.

Meanwhile, here in the real world, the Benelli I was looking forward to has altered a little in my view. It weighs more than a 660 Tenere and had considerably less horsepower.


Still, I look forward to riding it.

I’m also thinking of removing the Garmin Montana from the Dominator and replacing it with the TomTom Rider 450.

I think I mentioned something about that GPS a few weeks ago. The Montana rules for tracks, but for generally wandering away on a ride of discovery, that TomTom is fantastic. I think it suits the type of riding I enjoy on the Dominator these days. I still have the Montana on the KLR workhouse, and it’s brilliant for that kind of use.

For anyone who’s keen, there’s a Coffs City Moto shop ride on next Sunday (July 22nd).

I thought the last one was awesome, and I have the Dominator ready to go, so I’m keen to do the whole day this time. If you’re looking for a low-pressure, fun, road ride for a day, I recommend it to you.

Hope to see you there.



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