Blog. March 4. Connected at last.

DSC00704Note the rope holding it to the fence so it doesn’t get washed away.

Yo everyone!

After over a week without Internet, I’ve finally been reconnected.

The house and my office were flooded but the damage was mostly contained. The most annoying thing was losing Internet connection. Telstra initially promised to have me up and running by March 3, but when that didn’t happen I phoned them yesterday and wanted to know what was happening. Telstra said, “Sorry. We meant March 12.” I was peeved, you can bet.

While this call was going on, the TV guy was here sorting out all the drowned antenna junctions and so forth. He overheard the call and when I’d hung up he offered, “I’m a qualified and accredited data cable installer and repairer. Would you like me to have a look at it?” I said it was Telstra’s problem. By the time I’d said that he had the connection out of the wall. He looked at it, said, “Here’s the problem,” got some kind of clicky-clack tool on the job, and five minutes later I was on the web and he was back under the house doing TV stuff.

Is he awesome or what! Am I peeved at Telstra or WHAT!

So I’m offering a hearty recommendation of Dan Murphy of Jim’s Antennas in the Coffs/Bellingen area. His number’s 0468 900 950. He’s a good photographer, too, which makes him even awesomer.

Meanwhile, there’s a few e-mails need answering on the Coffs KTM Cameron Corner Caper which I hope to get to today. I also have to scoot around and collect bikes from where they’re stashed all over the place. The worst of the weather seems to have passed for this current episode, so I can breathe easy for a while, and I need them back here. The Cameron Corner run is only a few weeks away and the first round of the trials club championship this weekend. Trials is my mid-life crisis, and I’d like to ride as many rounds as I can this year.

Anyhow, we’re back on the pace. I bought a GPS to replace the one Marty Hardcore damaged in one of his get-offs (I think it was the one where he hit the gate), and it’s amazing to see how cheap they are these days. The small Garmin eTrex runs for anything from $60 on Ebay. That’s a dodgy-looking overseas deal, for sure, but still, it’s very inexpensive. I grabbed a second-hand eTrex Legend HCx – the same as the broken one – for $100. When I bought the first one new it was $740.

I have heaps of catching up to do, so I’ll get to work.



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