Blog: July 23. Lots happening

It’s Sunday arvo and I went to the Coffs City Moto ride this morning.

There were quite a few riders there I’d seen at the last one, and that’s no surprise. I think the rides are excellent, and it’s no wonder Coffs City Moto is getting a good roll-up.

That, plus there’s a coffee cart at the store before the start.

I had every intention of doing the ride, but it didn’t work out for me. I did get to punt in to the start on the Dominator, so between that and the coffee cart I was rapt. I saw Dino Fizzywater, SOC and Gav Gill, and that gorgeous old Harley Sportster was there again. There was also a ripping-looking Ducati Diavel…

And a Ducati Multistrada 950.

Not that I’m obsessed with Ducatis. It’s just nice to see them showing up for rides like this.

Here’s something other than a Ducati, then…

I was messing about with a new camera, so you have to put up with a few pics of road bikes.

While I’ve been adventuring no further than the local Yamaha dealer, Cousin Matthew’s been tooling around Cambodia. Here’s what he had to say…

‘Couple pics four days in
Heaps of rain, animals, bikes , and machinery to dodge.
It’s an interesting place to visit that’s for sure.

I’ve ridden Cambodia a few times, and the question has to be asked: how the FUDGE did he get hold of a Husky in Phnom Penh?

It’s a wild place, and Phnom Penh itself is one of the wildest places I’ve ever ridden for sheer maniac traffic. It doesn’t move fast, but it’s continually moving, and with millions of bikes and scooters all going in all directions all the time, accidents happen. When they do, everyone kind of shrugs their shoulders and drags the bikes and/or bodies clear of the traffic stream and continues on. Outside of Phnom Penh the pace is far more relaxed and it’s a fabulous adventure destination. Everyone’s friendly and, except for the occasional landmine, the history, culture and lifestyle make the riding an eye-opening, fun and humbling experience.

I have a fair bit on over the next couple of week, including the Benelli TRK502X I mentioned last week, and then a bit of a thrash around at Alice Springs.

I’ll try and get a few pics up when I have a chance.



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