Blog: July 30. Just quickly…

I’m early!

It’s Sunday morning and here I am. I should be an example to everyone.

It’s been a hectic week, and the next fortnight will be worse, so I’m posting a quick hello before I head out to jump on the Benelli TRK502X (and therefore I won’t have missed a blog).

It’s been a week at my desk – there’s nothing new in that – with a couple of quick laps into town on the Honda for errands. That’s been the sum total of my riding for the week…that and a couple of ten-minute sessions on the Montesa in the back yard.

Cousin Matthew sent in some pics of interesting bikes he saw in Cambodia, including a good-looking Dominator, but I can’t find the images. Good on me.

Sorry, but I have to get moving. I’ll try and post a couple of Benelli images and impressions next Sunday.


PS: Today’s pic is by Greg Smith at iKapture. I think it was during the Triumph release in May this year. I was probably swearing under my breath and trying to work out how to post something work’s Facebook page. I really dislike that Facebook page, and trying to make it work from the phone is about as pleasant as kickstarting a hot, flooded XR600 on the side of a hill. TF

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