Blog: August 13. Hard at work

It looks as though I didn’t blog last week. That’s a bit embarrassing. I thought I had. Blame it on jetlag.

As I recall, I arrived back from Alice Springs on the last flight on Sunday night, so now I think about it, I probably didn’t do a blog. Good on me.

To catch up, then.

I spent the whole of the week leading up to last Sunday in Alice Springs riding the Red Centre Adventure Rally. It was a great event, mainly because it was a challenging ride. Instead of dirt roads leading from one coffee shop to another through spectacular scenery, the Red Centre Rally went from one heart-exploding obstacle to another, and the trails joining the obstacles were desert sand.

My favourite!

Okay it wasn’t ALL deep sand. There were sections of rock, too.

I actually coped with the sand okay, thanks largely to my Simpson experience a few months ago, and to the fact I was on a 450. The CRF made very light work of everything.

There were lots of amazing scenery spots as well of course, and the difficulty in getting to them only made them that much more rewarding.

I really enjoyed the rally.

But that was a week ago.

Predictably, the week just gone has been spent at my desk trying to catch up. I did do a media day with Yamaha on one of its side-by-sides, the Wolverine X2, and I had the incredible good fortune to be teamed up with Dirt Action‘s Damian Ashenhurst. We took the whole thing very seriously of course.

It was a lot of fun. We spent the whole day driving around telling jokes and talking about guitars…when I wasn’t pooping my pants at Damo’s driving.

Other than that I don’t have much to tell. I managed to get out on my Yamaha cruiser yesterday and followed the old highway down to Kemspey. Pottsy and I have a ride in mind and I thought I should make some small contribution…the thought of Fredo pie might’ve played a small part in my motivation, I admit.

Finally, congratulations to Marty Blake on his son, Tom, getting married last night.


Next week I’m off to the side-by-side racing in Coulson in Queensland, and that’s relevant because, hopefully, Mac Eggins and I are going to ride up to the event. If we have half as much fun as last time we went for a ride, it’ll be a corker of a trip.

I’ll let you know next week.


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