Blog: August 20. Mac’s doohickey fell off

I was scheduled to do attend the fourth round of the Aussie SXS championship in Queensland this weekend. It’s a buggy event, and while it was work, I thought I’d make the most of it and ride up. Fellow KLR owner Mac Eggins was free, so we decided we’d make a weekend of it. The idea was to ride up in a leisurely way on Saturday, get the pics I needed in the arvo, then sit back and watch the racing in the evening. Because of the SXS event there was no accom anywhere near Coulson and I ended up booking us into a flash Ramada resort about 40 minutes away.

So we were laughing. A bit of motor racing, some blue-ribbon accom and a ride. It all looked like an excellent weekend.

But then, when I went to do a last-minute check on things, the SXS event ran during the day. There was no night racing. That meant I had to travel up on Friday to be there at 9.00am Saturday morning. On top of that, it was forecast to pour rain.

I phoned Mac to tell him I’d cocked things up and he was in the process of fitting a new tyre for the ride. He was surprised as well because he’d looked into the Coulson race when I suggested the trip and he was sure it was night racing as well. He couldn’t get away on Friday at such short notice.

The plan was in ruins. And to add to that, just after I phoned, Mac decided to change his oil and found a large chunk of his doohickey – the cam-chain tensioner and spring on a KLR – stuck to his magnetic sump plug.

So that was that.

I drove up Friday, stayed in a very ordinary low-bag motel on Friday night, went and shot the pics on Saturday morning then drove home.

The only interesting thing that happened was I ran into Geoff Ballard in the pits. The event was at Queensland Moto Park, and now GB spends half his time on the Gold Coast, QMP is his nearest ride. He was surprised to find the SXS event there and wandered into the pits to find out what was going on.

So after all that, it’s been pizzling rain all day today (Sunday). Six hours in the rain wouldn’t have been too bad, but all the same, I’m not sorry to be here with the heater on instead of snivelling along with a wet bum.

The next couple of weeks I’ll be pretty much stuck to my desk, although there’s a possibility of a run at Eastern Creek on the new BMW sports bike. It’s not certain yet, and I’m still not daring to hope it might happen, but my fingers are crossed. It’s a single-day event, and I’m fairly sure everything would be very tightly controlled in BMW’s usual fashion, but still. Wouldn’t that be a spectacular day!

We’ll see.


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