Blogeroony: September 17. All done for another year

The hoo-haa this past week has been about work’s Congregation.

I rode up to Inverell on Wednesday to say hello to the Vickerys at Green Valley Farm and see if everything was ready to go, and of course it was. Those guys are fabulous. There’d been a few millimetres of rain so the venue wasn’t totally dried out, and numbers were big – over 300 – so catering was going full-steam. I rode out to have a look at a couple of the sections of the loop I thought needed a last-minute glance and they were fine.

It was the same loop as last year, and once again it was thanks to Marty HC – who picked up a new DR650 during the week – so it was a good safe bet.

I wobbled on home to be at my desk by just after lunch Wednesday and thought things were in good shape.

On Friday I picked up Forma boots head honcho Darren Waite from the airport and drove up to the event itself. It’s incredible how small our world can be. After three days together, we were driving back and Darren said, “Did you ride the Gympie A4DE?” I replied I had. It was my first Four-Day, I guess it must’ve been about 1995 or ’96, and I DNFed on the first day. Darren looked thoughtful and then said, “I’m pretty sure we were on the same minute.”

I couldn’t believe it! How’s that for an amazing co-incidence?

The Congregation was a pearler.

The weather was perfect, the people all seemed to have a great time and were all sensible, and I got to see some great familiar faces…not that I was able to chat with anyone much. As usual, I was wandering around with the camera trying to look important and make sure I was in the right place at the right time.

Here’s a few random images…

Ride to The Snowy Ride

The other interesting thing that came up this morning is Clubby of TrailZone running the 2018 adventure ride to the Snowy Ride in November. Here’s the press release…

For the ninth consecutive year, an adventure ride is being organised for motorcyclists with a taste for putting gravel in their travels to attend The Snowy Ride motorcycle charity event at Thredbo, which raises funds for the Steven Walter Childrens Cancer Foundation.
Dubbed the Ride to The Snowy Ride Adventure, this free one-day ‘Getting There’ ride will take place on Friday, November 2, and will lead participants from Bowral just south of Sydney all the way to Thredbo in the Snowy Mountains via lonely back-roads and fire-trails through southern NSW.
The next day, Saturday November 3, riders join in The Snowy Ride festivities, which, since the ride’s inception in 2001, have raised millions of dollars to support the SWCCF. The foundation was created in memory of NSW junior enduro racer Steven Walter, who was diagnosed with cancer at age 11 and passed away at 19 years of age.
Hosted by Ténéré Tragics trail bosses Andrew Clubb and Clive Ward from MotorcycleBiz, with support from Yamaha Motor Australia, the Friday Ride to The Snowy Ride Adventure is open to riders on all brands of adventure bikes and is free to join, however riders must register for The Snowy Ride charity event via the website.
“The Snowy Ride is always one of the best feel-good weekends of the year that brings together thousands of bike riders for a very worthy cause,” enthuses Andrew ‘Captain Tragic’ Clubb.
“We’re rapt to be able to play a small part in supporting the event each year by hosting our Ride to The Snowy Ride Adventure on the Friday and bringing adventure riders to what is otherwise seen as a road-biased event.
“Our Friday adventure ride down through the southern highlands is a pretty cruisy route that’s aimed at adventure riders of all abilities on all types of bikes, where the emphasis is on having a great time with new riding mates, to then be set to enjoy The Snowy Ride in Thredbo on the Saturday.”
To get in on the fun of the Ride to The Snowy Ride Adventure, go to the website to view further details and hit the ‘Contact Us’ link to request an Information pack and Registration form.

I’ve registered for the Snowy Ride every year, I think, but the last time I rode it was probably 15 years ago. I’m happy to hand over a few dollars because I think the people who run the charity are sincere, even though I never seem to have time to go. I’ve registered again for 2018, but I’m going to try and make the adventure ride. I’m enjoying a bit of low-stress distance riding lately, so if I can swing it I’ll scoot down the road to the start on the KLR, do the adventure day ride, then wander back from Kosciusko on Saturday while the 50 million other riders clog the roads on the mountain.

That’ll work, I reckon.




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  1. Was great to catch up briefly on a couple of occasions over the weekend Tom, blew me away when you rocked up to welcome our little group of 28 🙂 friday arvo on your pushy. Truly was a fabulous weekend, been to all 4 & just keeps evolving into something special .

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