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About the only time it's ever been seen upright...and clean.

About the only time it’s ever been seen upright…and clean.

Yo everyone,

It’s been a quiet week as we continue to dry out. Gav’s prep ride for the Cameron Corner Caper is only a couple of weeks away (I sure he hope he’s planned something, ‘cos I’ve done rock-all), and I’m looking forward to a day on the Dominator. It seems ages since I went for a blast on my favourite old smoothie.

What I did do was ride the first round of the SQTA club championship yesterday at Maroon Dam in Queensland. I love the events those guys run (it’s a trials club, by the way). I get all carried away with having a great time, and I forget I’m racking up points right, left and centre. Yesterday we had 11 sections to be ridden four times each in the day. At lunchtime I’d ridden all 44 sections, and suddenly thought, “Hang on…there’s no prizes for being first home.” Then I thought about all the times I jammed a foot down for a fast turn, or flailed into a section without even having a look at where the arrows went, and realised I’d pretty much cocked up the whole day, start to finish.

I did have a great time, but, and I’m busting for the next round. I even washed the Montesa!. It’s true! Well…maybe not washed. Maybe hosed the crud off from where I dropped it in the creek. But that counts.

Anyhoo, today or tonight I’ll get an e-mail out to the Cameron Corner Caperers about Gav’s ride and see how many starters we have. We have a few confirmed starters for the actual Caper, and it’s looking like a great group. I think it’ll be a ride to remember, especially if we don’t get to dry out properly before then.


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