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Well I have the keys to the website but I am very much a learner rider and it seems to take ages to get anywhere, but here goes, let’s see how this turns out.

Tom has left some big shoes to fill with this website, so I will probably just go barefoot.

It’s a pleasure to stop the website closing and giving a place for ride reports. Unfortunately, my work is nowhere as exciting as Toms, refilling the bananas doesn’t really compare with going to Italy to ride a new bike.

Thankfully I have an I.T. son who is currently teaching me the ropes so please keep sending your ride reports so we have something a bit more interesting than my life to cover.

If only I still rode as much as Ramdog.

Here are some photos and a brief rundown on a recent adventure ride with my son and his mates. Tom (my son) got roped into so much work with my Dualsport Australia discs (so did the other Tom come to think of it) that they wouldn’t have been possible without either of them. It gave me great pleasure to show him some tracks off all three volumes and what they are about.

Memorial loop

A recent purchase of a new DR650 which now goes fast and handles good thanks to the VSM stickers, gave me the chance to take my son riding on the old one. A couple of his mates wanted to come. George a laid back bloke with a DRZ and Jordan, a lot more excitable young bloke on his dads GS1200.

The loop, a combination of tracks off Dualsport Australia’s vol 1, 2 and 3 is one I have done as a memorial loop numerous times in memory of my dad. Not only fantastic riding it goes past places in his life, from where he was born, lived and worked. A fitting first adventure ride with my son, which also included some of my all-time favourite roads and some family history.

As there will be a full ride report in Toms mag I’ll let a few photos and captions tell the story

After dodging heaps of traffic through Kalang the bush was a welcome relief. Logging provided plenty of dust but dropping in Missabotti

Following the Macleay is always a blast, thankfully no traffic and making good time

The riding is even better if you take the Petroi detour although Georges creek was deeper than expected. Jordan dives right in and turns his oil into a giant milkshake, resulting in a trip to Super Moto for enough oil to make an Arab state jealous.

No the BMW didn’t shrink, Super Moto loaned Jordan a bike whilst they flushed copious amounts of oil through the BMW, all good and ready to go after the lunch break.

Cruising through New England farmland the only section not covered on the Dualsport Australia discs. As I had rode it once in the opposite direction I thought I would be right, well you know what thought does, missed a turn and the route turned into a 60km longer “shortcut”. Nice but.

Nundle forest way was a blast, a bit loose in places, the road not the boys, well maybe the boys too. George, Tom, and Jordan checking out the view over Nundle from Hanging Rock lookout.

The drop down the mountain from Nundle was a blast, unfortunately, the twenty creek crossings in the upper hunter were reduced to a few puddles, still very dry.

Glorious valley, love the pink gravel, the incredible scenery and the nice cool weather that stopped with a jolt closer to Gloucester.

Thumbs up, the boys enjoyed the incredible variety and scenic overload, maybe not so much the 12 hour day in the middle, superb loop, great times and hopefully the first of many rides with my son and his mates.


  1. Bloody good for a first attempt.

  2. Nice Mr Hardcore, for some reason I’m reminded of where we met what seems like so many years ago now in Gloucester when you first began putting Disc 1 together with Trev as wingman. Look forward to your further development of this valuable resource. I’ll try updating you on our Ramdog Route rambles occasionally. Planning another big Chopper fundraising ride for early next year.

  3. Great to see you keeping it going Marty, thanks
    Looking forward to seeing you out there and the rest of the gang

  4. I pointed out the Motel to the boys showing where I met the famous Ramdog

  5. From someone whose only 2 wheeled transport left in the garage is the daughter’s scooter it is wonderful to read of others keeping the ADV dream going. Thanks Marty, I will look forward to each weeks edition.

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