On a wet misty Friday morning, the urge for a ride was strong. Heading north to make for the northern beaches was my best chance for dry weather. Lots of closed forests were making things difficult, but soon I was skipping rock ledges and following coastal ridges. As the bush tightened I came around the corner to a few vehicles and a quick shade and the road taped off. Apparently, there is a Rally on and this was a closed stage with no spectator points, good thing I brought my camera.

I was soon joined by a carload of crazy Belgium’s, is there anywhere a hire car won’t go.

After the first car went through, we altered our position, boy these things throw rocks worse than a DR650 with a fresh 606When their countryman came past the Belgium’s went wild, getting very close to the action. The marshal came over and moved them back, he also thought I was a bit close, but I looked at him blankly and said ‘DON’T SPEAK THE ENGLISH’ Although we chatted before he laughed and left me be.

All in all, it was a nice morning, sneaking in is half the fun.


  1. Spotted you at Raleigh,these guys make us look slow.

  2. had team pass for Raleigh not as much fun and couldn’t get over to my usual spot on other hill, better when piggots run it

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