Blog. March 18. Ride on Sunday, March 24.

Welcome to another Monday, and another update where I haven’t been doing any riding.

That won’t be the case next week, because this Sunday Gav has his warm-up ride for the Cameron Corner Caper, and I’ll be roosting along with the rest of the pack, enjoying a one-day blast. We meet at Coffs KTM on Sunday morning at 7.30am, and Gav’s aiming to head along the Old Glen Innes Road and through Nymboida. The basic idea is for everyone to load up their bikes as though they were heading out to Cameron Corner, then spend a day riding and see what’s practical, who has cool ideas, and talk about any concerns anyone may have.

So that’s slated for Sunday, March 24. If you want in, send me an e-mail at so I can make sure you’re included. It should be a nice leisurely ride in good company.

Other than that it’s been quiet week. I took the Yamaha cruiser for a 100km road run yesterday, and the results for last weekend’s trial have been published (the less said about that the better. Less speed and more thought at the next round).

The only other thing that’s caught my eye this week is the continuing discussion over Husky’s 650 Terra. I’m keen to ride the bike. Of course the price is astonishing, and at first glance the equipment – suspension, brakes, motor and so forth – look brilliant, but not everyone’s happy. There’s no surprise in that. I’ve never seen a bike yet where everyone’s happy.

Husky TR650

My own interest is because I’m quietly a big Husky fan. To me the bikes are a little quirky and different and need to be approached with an open mind, and for some people that’s gold. For others, it’s death. To a whole generation of riders anything that doesn’t feel like a Japanese motocrosser is a waste of space, and the Huskies certainly don’t feel like that. I’ve found the later models deceptively smooth and easy to ride. I say deceptively, because they’ll actually howl along at respectable speeds in the hands of very ordinary riders, and they seem to ask very little effort to do it. That has to be a good thing. I make no apology for being a huge fan of the Paul Feeney Group. They’ve treated me like royalty for years, and they had no need to. They’re just genuinely nice people with a genuine love of bikes.


So I’m busting to ride one. The comparisons to the DR650 are unavoidable because of the price, but there’s a lot to think about there, too. The DR650 is getting a little long in the tooth these days (and I make no apology for being a HUGE DR650/Suzuki fan, either), and the Husky Terra’s in its first year.

I suspect they’re both great bikes. If I have the chance to find out, I’ll let you know.

Stand by for info on this Sunday’s ride…



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