Bad to Santa

Dualsport Australia’s IT department has been mucking around with the look of the website, it might still change a bit because it doesn’t feel right having a BMW as the header even if it is drowning itself in Georges Creek. So thanks Tom (son), now my week.

I had a problem, Christmas was getting close and I wanted some new Klim gear, only problem was I hadn’t been good enough and Santa had been very light on the last few years.

Walking through the Plaza last week I spotted Santa in a fenced off area and I’m not sure what came over me. Next thing I know I’m jumping the small picket fence, pushing a little red-headed boy out of the way and jumped on Santa’s lap.

The way he groaned I might be a tad heavier than he is used to and by the startled look in his eyes a little older too. Anyway, he was so shocked that whilst I was telling Santa what I wanted the look in his eyes hinted that this wasn’t going to go well, that and he screamed for security.

I probably shouldn’t have but at this point I noticed Santa’s wallet hanging out his back pocket so I snuggled in a bit closer and as his eyes became bigger than plates I slipped his wallet up my sleeve and made a break for it.

I only made it a few meters when the little red-headed boy kicked me in the shins before I made a hasty exit. I was feeling bad, I have never done this sort of thing before and as I was walking back to accept my fate I opened the wallet and found out Santa is not his real name, he was a fake Santa.

This shattered my world so it sort of justified slipping out “Santa’s” credit card and dumping the rest of his wallet were it would be found.


Using a hire computer I quickly ordered a new Klim jacket and a set of nylons from Revzilla and used a near neighbours address for delivery. After stalking my neighbours mailbox this week the parcel card turned up and I now have some new gear from Santa.


If you know Someone else that has been bad, I now have a slightly used DR650 for sale for $1800 with 8 months rego. Recommend my DR and teach them a lesson, it will be on gumtree tomorrow. The one you want is the wrong DR, it is the other one in the photos.


Someone is banging on my front door so I better wrap this up, shit it’s the cops, gotta go see you next week hopefully.

Thankfully the bike is at the back door.


The truth might be stretched slightly this week but better people thinking I robbed Santa than the wife finding out I used her credit card so shhh.

It is amazing how many things you can bolt to a DR in five years


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