Wet ride?

The longest day ride is next week and although it has evolved into a socially acceptable picnic run the weather forecast is predicting rain.

I have always had the belief that if you ride far enough it can’t rain everywhere and whilst not foolproof it does work most times.

Upper Horton in the rain

The longest day has had some wet ones in the past like the early one above (TF photos) or even being stopped completely by floods

As Tom found one year, it makes you wonder what to wear, previous years people have frozen in Guyra or sweltered on the Old Glen Innis Rd

The heat got a bit much mid-afternoon.

Makes it difficult on what to take.

Yesterday a few drops of rain stopped the lawn mowing so I decided to go for a ride. Previous longest days I have always had to work, Christmas week is pretty hectic in a fruit shop so I used to just blast to the base of Dorrigo Mt then go to work. With a leave pass this year, I thought I better pre-run that section.

The rain had become quite heavy by the time I left but the thought of the nice moist grippy gravel spurred me on into the rain.

Bloody rain was just over my place and the gravel was as dry and slippery as usual.

Whatever happens, I’m sure Pottsy has a good ride planned and should be fun even in the rain, not sure I still believe my other wet weather motto of ” when it is wet, head to the wet places” anymore

not sure Craig does either, anyway we will find out next week


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