Seemed like a good idea at the time

Three years ago at a VSM adventure ride day, a bloke came up and introduced himself as a new adventure rider and asked for some tips. I mentioned the loose granite adds time to breaking, the edges get loose if you run wide and watch for turns and causeways over rises.

The bloke said he wasn’t too bad at reading the terrain because he had done a little bit of rallying. He joined us for dinner, a nice polite bloke who told us how he brought his first bike at 54 and asked Vince a heap of technical questions about DR suspension dampening.

Vince was a little surprised about the detail in the questions and asked the bloke what he did for a job, was he an engineer as he didn’t usually get asked questions like that.

The bloke said “I did a little bit of rallying”, Vince said no what did he do as a job, the bloke modestly said, “well that was kind of my job”

Excuse me mate what is your name I asked?

Ed Ordynski was the reply

A little bit of rallying? yeah right.

It got me motivated, if Ed can get his first bike at 54, I could get my first rally car at 54, well historic rally car.


We have had a Peugeot 203, one of which won the Redex around Australia reliability trial in 1954 in the shed since my mini bike days, there were assorted motors lying around the back of the shed that fit, a spare car down the back how hard can it be?


Considering I just turned 53, my son who had just restored the 1928 Plymouth that was also in the shed, was giving me a hurry up. We stripped the best motor after the ride last week, cleaned it up and replaced what was needed. The pistons are now back in and waiting for a gasket kit to bolt the top and bottom back on.


Riding? no sorry, four people quit this week from work so too many extra shifts for riding and with new people to train probably not much time off for the next few weeks.

No more car talk to it is driving around the farm, which will take a while.

Someone must have done some riding, send in your reports to

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