2019 DR650 review


Dualsport Australia has had a new 2019 DR650 for a few months now, it has had a solid workout, from multi-day rides to enduro single track. With a lot of bike tests being a one day wonder, most of which is doing photo shoots, I thought I should do an unbiased ‘hardcore’ test.

Best one yet


We are pleased to report the ‘new’ DR is the best one yet. Looking sexy and flash in its new black livery with red highlights, those bold new graphics really lift the look and as everyone knows the red makes it go faster and handle better especially if you add extra Vince Strang Motorcycles stickers for more red highlights.

With constant refinement, the DR offers performance and reliability that is enough to make A KTM rider cry. Previous slight niggles such as exploding 3rd gears have been fixed by the factory a long time ago letting you wheelstand off into the sunset in complete confidence. Speaking of wheelstands, the DR is so good at them Suzuki could turn it into a unicycle.

Up the date.

None of that shit on this baby, it is hard to improve on perfection. As the competition with pages of “improvements” desperately trying to get their bikes right, why they didn’t just build them right in the first place like Suzuki does I will never know. You don’t paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa, all great things of beauty should be left alone..

Like a wise Aussie once said, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, no wonder the DR suits Australian adventure riding brilliantly.

Love Handles

The nimble handling that makes DR’s so fun to ride has been retained allowing the bike to carve tight trails like a bike half its size. Combine this nimble handling with the smooth tractable powerhouse of a motor that makes adventurous adventure riding easy. When trails suddenly turn nasty with steep hills, loose rocks, and deep ruts, some bikes encourage you to turn around and head for the nearest cafe for a latte, not the DR it just digs deep, behaves like a proper dirt bike and tractors through without breaking a sweat.

This carve-ability is not at the expense of stability, DR’s love the fast stuff, conquer deserts with ease, stay straight in rocks, no nasty surprises just rock solid dependability just like the motor. Sure you might occasionally see a steering dampener on a DR, but it’s because the owner likes buying stuff and has bolted everything else on.

Shopaholics dream


Running out of things to buy is a problem few DR riders face. DR’s have an enviable amount of accessories available allowing riders to customize their  DR from mild to wild to suit their riding or there love for farkles and shiny bits.

Hours of enjoyment can be spent browsing quality websites like VSM  for practical mods to shiny bling. Even if you give the credit card a workover at 2 am after a big night on the drink your DR will still owe you less than most of the competition. If you ever wear out your DR you can unbolt the goodies and swap them right over plus get a few more sparkles, you can never have too many shiny things.

Simply the best


The main appeal of the DR is not the price, they just do everything better, some bikes might have more power or enough electronics to make the space shuttle blush but A to B the DR is faster, easier, more reliable, they work better as a package.

In the real world, rainforests to deserts there is simply no better adventure bike for adventurous adventuring.



  1. Great review! I bought a new dr-z in 2018 and often wonder what the extra 250cc would be like. I’m happy with my choice but I’m sure the Dr 650 would be a blast to ride!

  2. You might just be a tad biased!!! You need
    To get on a kato 950 super endure!!!! Best
    Motorcycle ever built!!!! Not that im biased!!

  3. Well fuck me… Sorry about the F bomb.. but this bloke speaks the truth.. true facts. N yes it of course I Dr owner n yes I got it modified to suit my needs.. with stain time biger tank windshield upgraded n revalving front n rear Springer’s bash plate n couple of other bits n pieces. Yep simple cheap reliable go anywhere bike.. why change things .. except for the mongrel plank seat n small tank….

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