The bush is a mess

As the wind howled last night and more timber down this morning the bush around here is in quite a mess. Bello range hasn’t reopened after the last huge wind a month ago, it really made riding difficult with huge trees down everywhere and no real way around. Rides at the moment are full of plan B and often plan C.

My ride this week was blocked in so many places I retreated to young plantation trails, still plenty of timber down but only small in size. After taking so long to get to bellingen I stayed on major trails, mainly the Horseshoe and Orama and back somerville/glenniffer for a dose of sanity.

These two are favourites because you feel so isolated with only trees and hills to be seen despite being relitivly close to home.

Besides an afternoon of riding, the rest has been work other than staking out my local newsagent for the new adventure rider mag containing my story of our ride with my son and his mates, even the  editor hasn’t got a copy.

Sarted planing A huge ride this week, probably a ten day forget everything else exists jobby, planning usually takes twice as long as the actual ride (easy) and is half the fun, gives a light at the end of the tunnel.

No new photos this week because typing this in my lunch break at work and going out tonight with the neighbours to talk bikes. Still enough file photos of places I have been and things talked about to get me out of trouble or in it unless I go back to work.

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