A ride to remember

My brother in-law is a proud father to a little motorcycle rider born yesterday in Caboolture, naturally, the wife wants to go and go-gar over the new baby, so I’m trying to turn it into an adventure ride and meet her there a day later. All good to just over the border but southeast Qld is so full of people and so scarce on dirt.

A trip to Malany years ago is no longer open, pretty sure a lot of it wasn’t open then, planning a ride is half the fun but as I hate tar it is proving a world of frustration. Not sure if this is possible, we rode along Somerset dam on the way home from malany to avoid heaps of rocks so back to the maps. With so little riding lately maybe tar isn’t so bad, we’ll see.

If anyone wants there copy of Adventure rider magazine they better get in early, toms fine work sold out the same day it was released in Sawtell and as my son wants a heap of copies for various people it probably will be scarce in coffs after today.

The photos of the proud new dad came from a ride a few years ago, he had never been riding in coffs before and I wanted to take him on a typical DR650 ride that highlighted our area, a ride to remember. We started with the open and flowing? singletrack in pine creek, went up crossy (western trail) down rut, up saddle then down Moo’s hill, shame it was a bit wet that day.

He still remembers the ride, whether or not he has forgiven me is another matter, innocent mistake or am I really bastard, nah not me, I’m innocent for sure, not like I have a reputation for things like this. Besides if a DR650 can get through it must be easy, open and flowing.

Reminds me of the early poker runs me and wolfy used to run, the ones pottsy used to enjoy so much, yep definitely innocent.

As i have a ride to plan a short one today back to the maps.


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