Single track


There has been a bit of talk this week about the loss of single track in Pine Creek State forest, whilst this is not new it is ruffling feathers again. To start with it brought back memories of over 20 years of trackmaking lost to Mountian bikes but after a couple of days I started to think more positively.

One as a mainly adventure rider nowadays I have found so much great riding in new and exciting areas but more importantly people don’t know the difference between overgrown fireroad and singletrack and whats still available

I did my usual horseshoe sanity run this week, met a nice bloke at Thora on a BMW and gave him some tips of good riding where he was headed and explored piney on the way home. Great fun even if a bit wet and jammed the DR into a deep rut with the footpegs stuck and the wheels off the ground half way up a slippery steep little hill. That kept me amused for about 40mins and multiple goes so I left that out of the route.

I posted a course on Coffs coast trailriders’ put it on my maps and made it public with easy instructions to turn into GPX.

This is still a good loop, tight technical, by no ways easy especially in the wet and still 100% legal. From there you can follow the edge of glennifer rd out then take Suttons, (tennis courts) out to tallowood point, heaps more single out there. Cut across to little hydes creek then holmes road and more single of that, into Bellingen edge of glenniffer rd (hill way to bello) great trails there


The other side of bello hospital range road has apparently new single, follow out to horseshoe down orama and 30km loop of very technical single there.

We still have heaps of riding, heaps of single and if not enough you can always do what we used to do in the old days and make it

Sorry about the last two weeks, went away for family stuff and my work closed whilst I was gone. Thought I had a few leeds on other work but they turned out to be dead-end trails, then ended up at the woopi store at short notice, it’s a bugger when real life takes over from bikes in importance.

Lets remember how good we have it, be positive and go riding just watch out for deep ruts on abandoned trails


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