Desert dreaming part two


Last week despite lots of exploring we made the Flinders, having the same accom for two nights made things easy, no set or pack up each morning and night. With a full day to explore we started with Blinman was Phil Hodgins had a huge group, chatting to Phil he followed us in yesterday and commented on how much fun we seemed to be having with tracks going everywhere, he was right.

With no desire to join in with 40 bikes we did our own thing, the twin-track was so much fun, it was hard to behave yourself and I wasn’t even trying, again the guys suggested self-restraint but I had this, no worries. In the arvo we ended up at the sky ranch, it was a blast, the DR was gobbling up the terrain like a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet until landing from a jump into rocks tore my plate lowered footpeg clean off.

The bolts were sheered right off which slowed me down considerably, maybe the guys were right. We got one bolt out, found some wire and she was good to go. At least the ride was almost done for the day, the next morning the remaining bolt were easied out at the next town, the lowering plates were thrown in the recycle bin and the footpegs bolted back on.


The Oodnadatta track was in good nick (read boring) so we amused ourselves by hitting the ramps three abreast in one Buuurt or whatever noise the ramps make, which cracked us up each time. We scored a few supplies at William Creek then doubled back to lake eyre which even full was a whole different world. ABC bay was black stony ground was desolate, the camp at the main Lake Eyre was sandy and nice and comfy.


A leisurely pack up the next morning, in hindsight maybe too leisurely, Oodnadatta was a disappointment, the pink roadhouse was faded, the town full of junk, not really a highlight. The track leaving to Dalhousie was brilliant, flowing fast with semi-deep sand that ticked all of Billy’s boxes.

Tyre cremation

In fact, Billy was having so much fun he failed to notice his tyre went flat, with the throttle pegged Billy melted the remains of the tyre, cremated the tube into a one-piece bit of molten rubber. Eventually, Billy noticed, it took well over half an hour before the tyre cooled enough to try and prise the remains off the rim. The sidewalls were toast, we threw another heavy duty tube in and made it to Dalhousie and the stony desert.

After a swim in the hot springs, we sleaved another heavy duty tube with the last one, pumped the tyre up to about 30 PSI and headed for Mt Dare just as the sun went down.

Road here somewhere

In the dark it was hard to distinguish the road to the desert beside, it made for a slow lonely 80km trip into Mt Dare, thought of how we were going to get a new tyre dominated our thoughts, Alice was 600km away and probably the only option.

Over a few well-deserved drinks and a great steak meal the publican fished out a near new 606 that someone had left here before, we were back in business. For a donation, to the flying doctors, it was Billys, ( he dropped $200 bucks into the jar with glee). The next morning we serviced the bikes, oils, and filters, stocked up on 46 liters of fuel, heaps of water and food and headed back to Dalhousie for a nice swim.


A chat to a west Australian KTM rider then a leisurely run out to Pumie bore finished off a semi-rest day, the next day was the start of the Simpson for real…


  1. Enjoying the trip M, You need to go easy on the bikes , its a long way from home.

  2. this trip was two DR’s ago

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