Finally, some riding, been on the bike every day this week, mostly short rides 100-200km all in the local area.

From the headwaters of the Bellingen river to the mouth, south as well, there is so much good riding in our valley and the next as well.

Been a bit slack with posts but with no riding, it doesn’t leave much to say


Hopefully, lots more riding this week, the camera has gone back after service as it lost some functions and was still playing up, got to love the warranty.

www.RemoteMoto.com interviewed me for a report on the DR, couldn’t resist paying out on Josh now that he is a KTM rider, a bit surprised they posted it as I was going to do it properly this week. Unfortunately won’t be back to NZ any time soon so should be forgiven by then.

I even found a quarry that I didn’t know was there, which was a nice surprise, don’t know the area as well as I thought

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  1. Gee if I had of known your were taking the DR down to the Yellow Rock Road towers I would have got you to snig the log I keep hitting near the waters edge on my windsurfer out of the shallows.

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