Rose Coloured Glasses

The rain woke me at 2am, with a ride planned for Broom Heads, postponed from the sunny yesterday to today to get a riding partner. The area is often dry so as I checked the weather radar only to find the whole area of the ride buried in rain. The morning might change things as I tried to get back to sleep.

The morning did change things, Jessie canceled at 6am, and the rain was still over the entire route. The fact I should have gone yesterday was not lost as I geared up, I hate canceling rides.

I turned off the computer, grabbed my rose coloured glasses and ignored the wife’s cold hard reasoning that I was in for a crap wet day.

Bright and Shiny

With the glasses on the world was a better place, if I squinted I could almost see clear blue sky. Between the drops, it was barely raining at all, so after a quick refuel and transport to sapphire, it was on.

Just as I suspected, the rain stopped for a photo just before the dirt, perfect.

 I had to take the glasses off to put on my helmet and looking north off into the distance you could see heavy rain, I quickly turned around and put the glasses back on’

Settlers road was a joy, the bush shined in the filtered light, the red clay shined, everything smelt new and fresh. With a few joggers and a man walking his dogs for company all was good.

Suckers stuck at home or work as a huge smile covered my face.

Warm and cuddly

Crossing Bucca Rd and back into the bush, just as I hit forth one of nature’s joyful creatures seeing that I was alone rushed out to give me a cuddle, how cute.

The impact of hitting the mongrel roo nocked the glasses forward allowing the true light of day in. $%**## and a few more choice words were screamed inside my helmet, $%*# 32 km and I’ve hit a roo already, the impact jarred my wrists but as I was on the throttle we stayed up.

I quickly pushed the glasses back up, shame I didn’t have more time or we could have stopped for a cuddle on the nice clean red clay. Thankfully the rain started in earnest washing any negative thoughts away


Just like home

For some reason, I had always thought of this area as more gritty soils but I was relieved there was so much red clay everywhere just like home. Anderson’s mountain road looked great, the extra slippery service and the raindrops hanging on the closed in lantana offering refreshing swipes across the face was beautiful.

As the road opened out and speeds increased I was worried that the ride would get boring. Thankfully the thick cloud and mist keep down the distracting views and a well-placed tree just around the corner provided some excitement and as it was hit at speed a nice jump. A few rutted slippery sections over hills had the heart racing with joy.

The mist had fogged the glasses so as I pulled them forward to see, reality hit me in the face light a bucket of cold water, no that was just the rain, shit, still close to home and I had nearly fallen around three times already, was I nuts, this is shit.

Coastal Ranges

I stopped on red range road, cleaned my glasses and kept on going. This rain must really be helping the blueberries grow as I cruised through. I decided to take the Station Creek turn instead of the little-used lookout trail as I was by myself.

My joy was only enhanced when I found they had sort of graded the road, sure the huge potholes were still there but loose soil in piles had an almost black soil feel as it sucked you down and grabbed at your front wheel. All this excitement and extra energy turned a boring road into a body warming section of excitement, it even had stopped raining, how good can it get.

Cruising up onto the range, the inability to slow on the slippery sections meant I was making good time. A photo stop was a slight disappointment, my bike was covered in mud and didn’t match the shiny bush, oh well you can’t have everything and this section was fun.

Or can you, ask and you shall be rewarded, as extra heavy rain bucketed down cleaning my bike, does life get any better than this, With the bike clean I stopped again for photos, taking off the glasses for cleaning.

As I stood there trying to keep my camera dry, the clean bike did little to cheer me up, with chewed out rutted track everywhere, the only smooth sections were off-camber clay which repeatedly tried to take out my front wheel. The fact I had a standard front tyre on while near new knobbies sat in the shed on my JTR wheels. What an idiot I thought as the water started to seep into my sensitive regions, should I turn around at Wooli road? It will take me 3 hours to get back to here, doubt was starting to set in.


Can do road

After cleaning the glasses again positive thoughts started to come back as the rain ran down my face. You can’t turn back just because things are a little bit difficult and this ride will bring fond memories in a week or two.

Then it stopped raining, the sun almost came out as we turned into Candole Road, even the logging was called off today as harvesters sat idle, how lucky can you get?

Then it bucketed down, heavy as, the red water running down the trail in nice patterns highlighting the ruts, the spotted gum shined, even the trickle into my private parts stopped, replaced by a constant stream that filled my boots, was this great or what, spectacular and making good time.

The logging had churned the road up making it interesting, as I dreamt of the nachos from the beach hut at brooms gave me a warm feeling of anticipation, as I licked my lips which strangely tasted a bit like muddy water.

A really bad rutted section of red clay snapped me out of my daydream, as I bounced through the slippery ruts and into the gutter my glasses came forward. Lots more swear words as I struggled to keep the big girl upright, at least the rough as guts drain had some traction, eventually we stopped only to do almost the same a couple of km further on this time ending in a deep red puddle of slime.

Waterhole road

The rain stopped again, so I stopped in an easy rutted section, snapped off a few photo’s, decided with only 20km to go to Brooms I might just slow down and concentrate on just getting there.

Cleaning my glasses worked a treat, the notoriously slippery road seemed easy, the swampy sections looked fantastic and the views of the clouds instead of a sparkling ocean had a rugged beauty.

The last ten km the road firmed up, some nice jumps and the rain stopped, man this is great I thought, glad I didn’t stay home.

Brooms Head

As I rode past campers wet and dirty I couldn’t help but chuckle, who would be dumb enough to camp in weather like this: suckers.


As I tucked into the warm nachos overlooking the beach as the rain bucketed down outside I couldn’t help but think what a great adventure this had been, a normally pleasant but easy ride had become interesting and character building and the best bit was as the heavy rain set in for the rest of the day, I got to turn around and do it all again.

Gotta love rose coloured glasses.

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