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Bello range, not me yet.

Not only great riding but spectacular views as well

Posts have been few and far between lately. As some of you know I have been flat out organizing a new business. Whilst it’s mostly done it sometimes seems like the obstacles just line up and try to stop you or make you change direction.

Sunday I ventured onto the ranges behind Bello, after the big wind 6 months ago reports have been flooding in that the obstacles were well and truly lined up. After lots of work by other people, some of the sawdust is still very fresh, it is open with only a couple of sidetracks.

Still some sidetracks around logs

The day started with a flurry of leaf mulch, the little-used tracks of Bongil Bongil east provide tighter roads deep with leaf litter. A few too many loose sticks claw at your boots if you’re fussy, but a world away from the ranges well-worn tracks.

Shortcut road link into the bush starts smooth but before long it reverts to the ruts we know and love making line selection a fun necessity. Fernmount range in a nice way is an undulating, bumpy rutted bliss with steeper loose sidetracks which keep everything interesting and keep your mind on the riding, clearing your head of business crap.

A lot of work has gone into removing the fallen trees and this section is a straight run through to the lookout where a detour around a log might be a bit tight for a big bike, easy to bypass though so all good.

remote but close

Hospital range still has a few trees to single around but easy, the amount of timber cleared through this section is mind-boggling. With fresh piles of sawdust still on the ground, it has been a long time. Great job to the people involved.

The Horseshoe has some fresh work and in great nick through to Orama, reluctant to stop I kept on going but with the standard tank it was always a turn back day. A chance meeting with a mate meant I dropped out a tighter trail onto private property. An excellent run, perfect for a DR.

sometimes It’s who you know that counts

So good I slipped back up Orama and went home the same way, great fun, challenging enough to be fun, remote in feel but relatively close to civilization to be safe riding alone.

Getting dark early in the bush now

A quick run through piney so I only had to cross the road to home.

Pine Creek, no place like home

Wednesday is check out the 2019 congregation loop with Tom, the bike is washed, GPS loaded and route sheet printed and hopefully right, we’ll see, hopefully, an unseasonably warm and dry day.

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  1. I was starting to worry that you hadn,t been out riding.

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