Mid-week thaw out

I had roughed out a route for the congregation, finding the right kilometers on a different route in the same place is getting hard. Plenty of longer options but Tom likes to keep it short and sweet.

Old and soft

I wasn’t very keen on the 180km of tar on a cold morning. Tom was keen to ride, I had checked the weather report and Guyra was going to be its winterly self. I casually mentioned riding home at roo o’clock slipped in a 2 degrees comment and before you could say warm and comfortable, Tom had decided to trailer-up to Guyra missing the boring cold tar, love it when a plan comes together.

Careful where you tread

We parked at the truckstop, Tom unloaded the bikes whilst I tried to get a local map. A brisk lazy wind hurried up our layering process, GPS’s mounted and a makeshift route rolled up and stuffed behind the headlight.

Right next to where we were parked was a used pair of undies holding who-knows-what, best avoided. I took my glasses off and sat them on my seat, to put on my balaclava and helmet, as I stepped back a sickly feeling came over me as I realized I had trodden in something I shouldn’t have, not the crusty old undies my glasses had been blown off the seat and where now two-piece and a lot flatter shape.

With a bit of bending and popped the lenses in, I sort of had a pair of glasses so off we went.

Tight right fright

A few kilometers later we were cruising along some of New England’s finest. A flock of sheep stopped progress for a few minutes then back into it. The higher altitude seemed to make the stock DR seem a little sluggish until you checked the speedo, a short time later a tight right had me struggling in the loose outside edges as tumbling through rock littered ground flashed through my mind. With no need for any more tight corners named after me, the throttle was backed off and cruise mode selected. Tom agreed after also having a small moment and we enjoyed the sun at a more leisurely pace.

Rock farm, farm rocks

Tingha is the rock capital and today didn’t disappoint, the many piles of rocks just glowed in the early morning light and 2nd lesson of the day was stop for more photos, we both regretted not stopping for that scene.

Green Valley Farm rocks, a better venue would be hard to find, a bit like new tracks after so many years.

Rocks and locks 

A new section had been found using google maps and I couldn’t believe my luck. Starting off with bright red dirt offset by blackened trees this road was starting a treat and getting better by the minute.

As I was patting myself on the back the track became tighter and rockier with lots of undulations, perfect. Soon the track narrowed to a twin-track through long grass, even better!. too good to be true proved right unfortunately with a locked gated stopped progress and the twin track off the side petered out to nothing, damm.

Plan B


We skirted around this section only adding a short section of tar and a loose flowing road joined back to our original course and into Bundara. Apparently, they serve good coffee and coke is great everywhere so this offered a great place for a mid-ride stop if you were keen.

Bauldersliegh road is full of history, some of it mine. The huge sheering shed offered a great backdrop for a few photos but unfortunately, the old one more time caught Tom out and saw him and the KLR for a roll in the dirt. Lucky the beloved domination was safely in Craig’s shed.

Marty’s mistake looked bleak with no grass, a few of the obstacles have disappeared and running in this direction takes the sting (world of hurt actually) out of the corner.

Hide and seek

Tom stopped for a photo and I tucked myself off the side of the road to catch Tom with a background of rocks as he went past. That would be the last time I caught Tom before Guyra as he went past in a hurry to catch me.

As I urged the DR on I was starting to catch dust when I hit reserve, I continued to push till I realized we were 42km from fuel and a DR only gets 50km on reserve on a good day, time to back off.

We regrouped for hot chips and gravy, a tradition now at Guyra then loaded up and cruised home in the van. The heater was a bonus near Dorrigo and the lights a blessing near home.

Old and soft, nah old and wise.


  1. I wouldn,t of mentioned the trailering to Guyra, great photo,s HARDCORE

  2. No shame in missing the tar especially at roo o’clock

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