Stage one modifying a DR650 for free

I have left my DR stock for the first six months because it was new and shiny but there comes a time to start bolting things on. Well actually I put lower footpegs on after the first month and Suzuki’s adventure kit provided a bashplate and barkbusters from new.

This stage planned itself, I started by walking into my shed and looking around, the big yellow IMS tank stood out so it was grabbed, the gold JTR wheels are hard to hide and as a bonus had a near new 606 on the back and a fresh knobby on the front so I grabbed them as well.

After a bit of scrounging through various racks and luggage systems, I located some suspension bits and pieces which always come in handy so grabbed them as well.

There where so many guards, frame countershaft, chain guide etc that looked a bit dull so they can wait as they need polishing. With 3 racks and two pannier systems to choose from the choice was a bit much so they can wait for stage two as well. There was also a screen, two headlight guards and a box of assorted bits of pieces, smaller mirrors and different blinkers, a 32ltr safari tank for the desert. It was looking like too much so here is stage one finished. DR’s just make everything so easy.

The poor DR, being number 4 there is so many bits and pieces laying around the shed I will have to think of something new I can buy her.


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