Stuck in a rut

Not so much me, things aren’t moving as quickly as I would like but more literally when I went riding. With wheels and tyres plus suspension, I decided to explore some favorite old enduro bike trails in our area. These trails are the ones I have ridden and loved since I was a kid.

Boy are they different, so much of our riding is overgrown, great tracks haven’t been kept clear and disappeared, more traffic on the ones we have left has left them a rutted whooped out mess.

When we were kids we virtually had the whole valley to ourselves, leaf mulch was the order of the day with endless supplies of leafy trails to ride, there is no doubt we got the best era to ride around here. With a choice of lines, no traffic it was great.

From tallowood point to the hill way to bello, tennis courts to the cemetery all were burnt out. I don’t want to be all back in my day and the answer is the big tanks our adventure bikes have or start a long way from town.

Just 40km out of towns a transformation occurs, leaf mulch returns and the trails are not stuffed because of fuel range on enduro bikes. I have helped put a 30km singletrack loop in a remote location that is rut free, you just have to get out of town or do what we used too and make more tracks.

Adventure riding is great, it gets you out of the rut and into the fun zone.

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