Left, no right. Right, no left.

I probably tend to keep to myself or small groups a bit much. Nothing like a small group of good riders to cover a lot of ground without hassle. This ride was a bit different, for a start it wasn’t even my ride, Darren whom I have known for years posted on a couple of adventure sites that he was keen for a Brooms Head ride on Saturday open to all sounded good.

After my last Brooms ride a month ago was a big washout and slipperier than a greased pole, (Rose coloured glasses) a good fun ride to reset the memory banks sounded like a good idea. I would just cruise along and go wherever the ride was headed is what I had told myself would happen lasted nearly to the start.

I was relieved when only one other Brendan turned up on a converted TE510 so the group was full dirt riders and I talked Darren into going into the bush earlier. So after a little fun splitting lanes, we hit Settlers crossed Bucca Rd and Darren took his rightful place at the front, it was his ride after all.

Left, right

I was well behaved to the next turn, Darren wanted to go left and I wanted to go right, nice bloke that Darren so we went right, I led for a while than Darren again took his rightful place at the front. Andersons Mountain was as slippery as usual, Darren attacked it almost daring his front tyre to put him face down in the dirt, those Africa twin fronts must be better than they look because he blasted through with no issues, Brendan seemed content to sit behind and see where not to go as some of my hard left line choices were absolute  shockers, hopefully some of the results provided him some amusement.

this was a clean jacket, opps

I’m not sure I will get too many more invites to these rides because at the next turn Darren wanted to go right and I wanted to go left, this took a bit more convincing but left we went. We cut through the swath of blueberry farms and Darren waited for a new addition to the group whilst I hightailed it for my next new addition to ‘Darren’s’ ride.


Darren explained a flat tyre had taken out the new addition so before he could think too much I took off in my direction for Lookout trail which as been getting plenty of use and was lined up nicely and heaps of fun.

Unfortunately, on one of the many puddles, I somehow managed to get Darren a beauty and fill him in with some nice muddy water by accident of course.

Darren took the lead again, with Brendan tucking in behind setting a cracking pace, with steep erosion mounds and plenty of ruts and traffic along Coastal Range Rd I was happy to let them have it.

I did suggest regrouping where there was a fence and a ramp for another quality detour, maybe I should have said grid or Darren wasn’t taking any chances on being splashed again I’m not sure. After waiting a few minutes at the turn it became obvious they weren’t coming back so we regrouped at the gate.

Range rage

The next section was too good it miss so I again led, showing the guys a brilliant rocky ridge section and linking it back up to ‘five ways”. Darren back onto known territory rightfully took over leading his ride.

Occosonly a big puddle would open up an opportunity to rail the other side and sneak past, or quietly sneak up and block the good line and force my way past only to be promptly passed back. Some of these sneaky moves worked, others just resulted on copping a bucketing of muddy water, at least we were even.

At the end, I just pulled the ‘take photos card’ to get in front for some shots.

Lunch at the beach

The last section before lunch turned into a drag, with the 510 easily having the legs to leave us in his wake. After a huge lunch, we found out a flat wasn’t enough to detune Andrews eagerness and arrangements were made to meet at five ways.

With another new (for the guys) ridge section to show, they put up with my slow pace and were rewarded with another fantastic section, rocky outcrops and sea views it was a great section. Sandy in places with lots of undulations we followed the range before returning to Candole Rd

Rest at the regroup

With phone coverage at five ways we located Andrew and enjoyed a short rest at picnic tables and chairs in the bush whilst Andrew backtracked to meet us. Shortly his Teneree turned up and we headed for home

This is the first Teneree I have seen in the wild and was a little shy

A locked gate for a temporary road closure stopped us doing the missed section in reverse so we just back-tracked our way home trouble free. Darren’s ride proved to be great fun but I really do need to work on my following direction skills and not pass the lead rider courtesy if I am going to be invited back.

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