Better Fat than flat

There has been a lot of excitement this week that motorcycling counts as exercise, but how? One of my older mates used to say “there is nothing in the husky manual about pushing” (late s70’s and early 80”s husky manuals had riding tips) so that’s out but apparently you can get a good workout riding, the premier said so.


I must be doing it wrong.

On a recent visit to my Doctor where he might have suggested that I was old and fat, at first, I just thought KTM rider, he must be wrong but then he mentioned buying a DR, if he is right about that, does that mean I am in my prime of life and slightly overweight or is he right.

I need more exercise apparently so shorter rides, with more intensity, more often. Sounds good.

Launch instead of lunch

Fernmount/Hospital range is great fun on a DR, well any smaller bike. With lots of uphills and downhills, plenty of ruts and littered with erosion mounds. So instead of lunch I went and did this both ways, about 80km altogether.

Monday and Tuesday went well with no dramas, so Wednesday I stepped it up a bit more. The DR was starting to complain, over jumping the downhills was rewarded with bone-jarring crunch, jumping uphill, well I still skipped most of them.

Attacking in third with lots of throttle was great fun, DR’s when pushed still handle like a dirt bike, pounding through (not over) the constant bumps and holes forced a good workout on the legs, lifting the front over holes was great for the upper body. With the bush deserted due to lockdown, this was great, maybe this exercise stuff is alright.

Oh what a feeling

The faster Hospital range was next, with well-shaped erosion mounds and more open. I was making good time, a slightly rutted rise had me working the left edges for a smoother line. As I crested the hill a fully airborne Toyota Hilux snapped me to attention, suddenly the ground off the trail looked so much more inviting.

As I sat shocked, the Hilux landed, bounced back in the air, dirt falling from the bulbar then was thrown sideways and disappeared in a thick cloud of dust, apparently you can exercise in a 4wd too.

Not every day you see a fully airborne dual cab going so fast in the tight bush, lucky I met him in a good spot.

Long and slow

Maybe low-intensity training is better, not wanting to become a hood ornament on a Toyota; I resisted turning around to repeat this section today. Instead the relative wilderness of the horseshoe beckoned, it might not be the middle of nowhere but being surrounded by forested ridges as far as the eye can see, it sure feels like it.

Dropping off Horseshoe road, down Bellbucca brings forest changes. Leaving the burnt charred remains of the ridgetops forest behind, into untouched by fire rainforest with breathtaking views from between the trees over the valley.

Going down

Despite the odd rise, you’re basically going downhill for around 30km, following long gentle ridges towards Bellingen. Fernmount range followed, back to jumping and skipping across the bumps. Finished off  the ride with a nice section of single finished a 200km loop off nicely.


Not convinced

The Toyota driven by a madman showed that strenuous exercise can be bad for your health, better fat than flat that’s for sure.

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