Blog. April 8. Share the gloom.

Mondays are often days for reflection.

Some Mondays I can sit back and contemplate the weekend’s ride and think how awesome it was, or what a dill I made of myself, or any one of a thousand great things that happen on every ride.

Those are good Mondays.

Then there’s the Mondays where I contemplate on the ride I missed. I wonder how much everyone enjoyed themselves, how the latest new gadget or hardware I bought would’ve worked, how good the bike would’ve been through the terrain the ride was covering or any one of a thousand things I’ll never know the answer to because I didn’t ride.

That’s not always the end of the world. There’s plenty of great things in life beside riding…well, some great things…a couple of things, maybe.

Yesterday I was invited on a run to Taylors Arm for lunch. That’s a great ride and it was a good crew, but I had to swerve it for other commitments. So today I’m sitting here wondering how it all went. It would’ve been damp, I think, and the guys would’ve set a fast pace. I bet the coffee would’ve been good when they got there.

I don’t know of course. I’m only imagining.

What’s the best ride you’ve ever missed? E-mail and let me know.

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