Blog April 15. Phone to The Corner!

Have a look at Dave’s preparation for The Caper! He’s set himself up with a coffee machine!


I always liked and admired Dave, and think he’s a top bloke and a world-class adventurer. I’m looking forward to riding with him the whole way.

It’s 10 days to the Caper and I fell like I’ve done FUDGE-ALL in preparation.

I handed out advice fairly freely on the Shakedown ride and I’ve had plenty to say in e-mails, but I’ve haven’t actually DONE much.

I grabbed the Mojave bag down off the shed wall this morning and gave it a hose off. I guess that’s something. Not much, but something. Fortunately, the Dominator is always ready – despite a few blemishes on its reliability record early on in the piece. I’ll chuck some bits and pieces in a backpack this week, I guess.

Meanwhile, Marty Hardcore – ace track finder – and his son Tom – IT supremo – (builders of the disc we expect to release any year now) have put the proposed Caper route on a spooky QR symbol. That means anyone with a smart phone can now log on to the Caper page, scroll right to the bottom, and there they’ll find something that looks like a 1970s T-shirt print. Scan the code into your phone and you’ll have a detailed map and route sheet of the ride. How frigging amazing is THAT technology! The way things are going we won’t even have to plug our computers in to get the Internet soon.

Other than that it’s been a quiet week. There’ve been a few enquiries on the Husky Terra, but I don’t have any problem there. I was trying to hold back in the review so everyone didn’t think I was getting carried away with how good the bike is. If someone’s silly enough to pay for the call, there’s no holding back. I just tell ’em about the bike full-throttle.

This coming weekend is another round of the club trials championship, so I’m hoping to enter and put up a better show than the I did at the first round. Then it’ll be time to do some serious packing to make sure I’m there and ready to go at the Coffs Ex-Servo dawn service on the morning of April 25.

I’ll let you know how things end up.


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