Here’s mine. Now show me yours

Tell us about your bike. If it’s something awesome, tell us why, and send a pic. Here’s my 1995 Honda Dominator.

It’s great dualsporter. It’s fabulous on the road, very capable off-road, and like all Hondas from the mid-1990s, the build and engineering are exceptional.

I’ve written the story of the bike’s appeal for me elsewhere, so I won’t repeat it all, but in 1994 I was lucky enough to have a Dominator for a year. The bike was used to make a few magazine ads – there’s a story I’ll chuck in the “Best Job In The World” post – and I had a ball on on it. When this one came up at a great price, I grabbed it. It’s had a bit spent on it since I bought it, and it looks like it’s had some harsh wear-and-tear these days, but every time I ride it out the front gate the smile near splits my face in two and the memories come flooding back. The bike is so smooth that long bitumen trips are an absolute joy and the tractable power delivery makes lugging through trails light work.

The bike’s essentially stock, because it’s so frigging good to start with. The stupid, skinny footpegs have been widened, and I swapped the stock ‘bars for a wider pair with no crossbrace I found in the shed – and I raised the new ‘bars 50mm – and that’s really the only tuning I’ve done. Mechanically it’s bog-stock and still has all its emissions and air-box plumbing.

So that’s it. What are you riding, and why? Email your story and some images to and I’ll get your bike posted up here.


Matt Potts DR650

dr650 post longest day 009

This bike I think is what most DR riders want in a bike, Japanese reliability and servicing with race performance.

Most of the work was done by myself, with a little help from Bisho and Dan Vaughn. Here’s a brief run down of modifications:

dr650 post longest day 018

*  Complete ’06 CRF250 front end, including Honda steering damper with heavy fork  springs

* 320mm motard front disc

* Complete replacement shock shaft assembly from VSM motorcycles,  installed and revalved by Tony Bishop, with a heavy rate rear spring

* WRF headlight, Screens For Bikes screen,  Vapor speedo, Pro Taper pillow top grips

* Custom rear linkage to raise rear ride height to match longer travel fork

* Custom 40mm higher seat foam

* Ballards bash plate

* B&B rear rack

* Custom-made leg pegs supports

* Lowered foot pegs

* 32-litre Safari tank

* Worsner high compression piston

# Pro cycle – Web. stage 2 cam shaft

* FMF full exhaust system

dr650 post longest day 019

Plus a lot of other little stuff

dr650 post longest day 021

Thanks. Pottsy


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