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Shortly we’ll have a disc available that will offer five days of premium riding on the NSW mid-north coast. The disc will offer maps, route sheets, landmarks, fuel and accom information, and GPX files for download.

Meanwhile, the site will hopefully be a place for Australian dualsporters to call home on the web. As more and more areas are closed off to Aussie riders, and the first generation of hard-core dirt riders heads into middle-age and beyond, dualsport riding is growing. Older riders who’ve done with racing, or are just plain bored with the drama of trying to find somewhere they can ride their favourite enduro bike or motocrosser, are discovering the joys of heading to parts of this country that are just a little hidden away. There’s so much less hassle when the bike’s registered and the rider’s licensed, and the highest priority is on good friends, gorgeous scenery and a bike you love.

As far as gorgeous scenery goes, Australia has more of it, and more of it open and accessible, than any other country in the world. The only problem is the country’s so damn big. In reality, that’s not a problem at all. It’s a gift.

Whether you’re on an old and trusted XL185 or the current model Euro masterpiece doesn’t matter much. It’s about the ride, and finding the places so few people get to.

Have a look around. Hopefully you’ll find something to pass a little blue-sky time, maybe fire up a dream or two, and, best of all, something in common with the others using the site.

Please make use of the comments panel to say what you’d like to see or not see, and feel free to ask for information or help. If possible, the site will offer both.




  1. Just saw the link to this site when reading ADV web site about longest day (happening right now!).

    Great to see your site, look forward to spending some time on it!

    Gary Martin
    Yackandandah Vic – Oz

  2. Hi there,

    just a quick note to see if any of your members would like to join us on March 27-29, 2015 at Byalong Creek 4×4 for the first annual MMM held in NSW.
    Check it out on fb, we are looking for fun people who like to ride – some that like to teach others, newbies and all of those that love to camp and have a good time. Cheers Andrea

  3. Crispin Gardner

    Hi Tom,

    Great site and some great stories. Just wondering when you’ll have maps available for Mac users?

  4. By September, just finishing details now

  5. Looking for a dual sport ride in nsw.

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