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Gav Gill – fresh from the recent run to Narrabri, and head-over-heels putting together a dualsporter’s ride to Cameron Corner on April 25-30 (keep an eye on the posts for more details on how you can come with us dropped by the Dualsport Australia office and was reminiscing about some of his European travels. It turns out a lot of his Euro connection came down to some mates over there. When those mate visited Australia Gav couldn’t wait to help them out.

Here’s how Gav tells it…

In 2010 I travelled to the Czech republic with my adventure-riding buddy Bala, known in Sydney BMW circles as “Curryinahurry”

I met Bala on Barry’s Way outside Buchan, heading for Jindabyne, in 2006 on his Yamaha R1. We had lunch together at Jindy where I convinced him to buy an adventure bike.
In the Czech republic I met Radeck and Katka, owners of a motorcycle-rental business.

DSCN1138I hired a Transalp from them and rode for three weeks through the eastern part of Europe with Bala. The story of our ride is on ADV Rider.  Search “curryinahurry”.
Radeck and Katka are true adventure riders with many stories on their website, travelling through Russia, Poland etc. I’ve kept in touch with them since coming back to Australia and convinced them to come Downunder for a riding holiday. With the help of some good local adventure-riding mates we organised a Transalp for Radeck and a lowered DR400 for Katka. They had four weeks to have a look around and headed out of Sydney via the Blue Mountains and then made a bee line for Cairns. They returned from Cairns via inland Queensland, but found the 40-degree heat too much, so headed back to the coast to Fraser Island.

Once back in N.S.W I had a chance to spend a day riding with them riding from Tabulam to Coffs Harbour via Nymboida and Dorrigo.


After a rest day in Coffs Harbour they flew back to Prague to minus-four degrees and rain.

They loved Australia and the changing countryside. The best comment from Radeck was that they had been warned about the spiders, snakes and sharks , but no one told them of the f####g roadtrains which scared the bejesus out of them.

If you’re thinking of a ride in the Eastern bloc countries of Europe, check their website out: I expect there to be a story soon on their Aussie adventure very soon.

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