Dualsport Australia Vol 1 – The Great Divide

Dualsport Australia presents easy-to-use CD software designed to get you on the trail of adventure.

Over 2,000km of scenic backroads between Woodenbong and Moonan Flat including fuel distances, road conditions, accommodation contact numbers, Google Map links, GPS files (GPX, KML), Smartphone compatible and ever-reliable ready-to-print 60mm route sheets you can discover the Great Dividing Range of northern NSW with confidence and pleasure.

Get away and see the Great Dividing Range of northern NSW. Time to live the dream and ride!

PC Software – Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10™, Microsoft Windows 8™, Windows 7™, Windows XP™ and  Windows Vista™. Internet and Adobe Reader Required for some features.

Shipping within Australia is $5
For overseas shipping enquires email dualsportaustralia@gmail.com

Vol 1 - The Great Divide
Vol 1 - The Great Divide
Shipping address is collected through Pay Pal, $5 shipping fee within Australia


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  2. Brent A Smithies

    How much to ship to NZ, I would like a copy.

    Thanks Brent

  3. We will ship to NZ for the same price as australia

  4. Hi, is it compatible to the Mac / Apple environment? Thanks

  5. Hi Tim
    No,the discs autorun program won’t work on a Mac. You can read the PDF for info and route sheets, load the GPX data into your GPS but its not push button, but open files and not as smooth or pretty. On volume two, I have included the URL links for the Google maps in a file as this is the main thing you can’t access without autorun program. I have emailed vol 1 URL links to the handful of Mac people that have purchased the disc. As a bloke who has spent lots more time in the bush than with computers the week of riding is very good and feedback positive from people that have ridden it.
    I have been unable to get disc to work on both PC and Mac despite having IT son and unfortunately volume makes coding and making disc like a website unaffordable.
    Martyn Blake
    Dualsport Australia

  6. Hi, I just got the vol2 disc today, my wife bought it for me as a present, but I bought Vol1 well before and it hasn’t arrived yet, I really need this to confirm my route to coffs for christmas!
    Is there a backlog? Could I get some help here?

  7. No backlog, vol-1 was sent to Macquarie fields and Vol-2 was posted to Coonabarabran as requested,
    Where do you want another Vol-1 sent, we can’t have you missing out your ride.

  8. Is there a discount or package deal if you buy all 3.



  9. There is a ride on Anzac day from Vince Strang Motorcycles on ANZAC DAY that is free with vol-3, but sorry no discount on all three at once.
    What you get is 6500km of great riding with no navigational hassles or wondering where your next fuel or accom is.
    Still great value and we have absorbed the latest postage rises as well.

  10. I cant load vol1 into my apple computer.

  11. The Autorun program is not mac compatible, you can still access the pdf’s and GPX codes and for Google Maps you can load either the KML or GPX files into my maps ‘create a map’ link but is more clunky which is why we say they’re not mac compatible where they’re sold but as Off Road Explorer says all the information is still available and as I live in the middle of vol-1, the riding is well worth the effort or find something that runs windows, for tablets copy disc to USB.
    We are still trying to find an affordable method that works on both, but so far everyone’s attempt has had too many bugs to release.

  12. testing new Mac version now, fingers crossed

    • Hi Marty, I just ordered all three volumes. Did you have any luck developing the Mac version? If you did I’d prefer that but no problems if you didn’t. Kind regards Rachael

  13. Hi….. will these routes load onto a garmin 590 lm… thanks Adrian

  14. Hey Marty,
    I am a professional software developer and adventure rider.

    I have extensive experience with OSX (Mac) and have been recently working on projects requiring cross-compatibility between OSX and Windows. I would be happy to offer some advice and assistance on the software side of things.

    I could be completely wrong, but I’m guessing your autorun program is some sort of launcher for a set of HTML pages? If that’s the case, Electron (http://electron.atom.io/) might be a good candidate.

    Drop me an email if you like to chat.


  15. Hi I’m new to the sport. Just acquired a gs1200 my first big bore dirt bike and I am keen to see some country. I would like to do some two up rides so I am wondering if the detail of the trails includes a grading system so as to match the ride with my ability, bike and the fact that I may have a pillion. Or more importantly, does the material include routes suitable for someone new to the sport that wants do some riding two up?

  16. Have you managed to iron out the mac compatibility issues yet? I am keen to purchase all 3 but would like something plug and play.

    • Hi Jay, all 3 discs can be opened on Mac in a Finder window only viewing raw files. The autorun program doesn’t work which is aimed at guiding you through the disc files however all files are viewable in a Finder window. PDF files contain information, stories and route sheets. GPS files are also stored on the disc in folders. Links to Google maps copies of the rides are inside that autorun and therefore won’t be visible on Mac, however a document can be emailed after purchase with all the missing links that are inside the autorun program. It’s not perfect but we have had a few Mac customers use the discs this way. Hope this helps

  17. Hi Martyn, I just got back to Sydney from doing most of your Vol 1 Northern Rivers & Coffs Coast loops. Went solo. Magnificent. Congratulations on the choice of routes (great country & the rides technically relaxed, which suits me). The route sheets printed from the DVD were a huge help, effectively making my GPS just a reassuring backup. Now back home I’m playing with your tips on how to make my own route sheets from Google Maps but stumped on getting the print size or adding useful comments like yours have. What am I doing wrong? …. Pete

  18. Hi,
    Just wondering if Vols 1 and 2 are Mac compatible these days (2018)? I’d like to buy them and see a bit more of Oz.

  19. if you have a pdf reader you can access the info but autorun doesn’t work

  20. G’day
    I was wondering if you’ll be doing one for Qld or if you know of anything for us up here?

    • Not doing any more at the moment, tracks for qld, never done any first hand but a few websites out there, and maybe a book? google knows all

  21. G’day,
    I ordered Volume 3 about a week ago and it hasn’t arrived yet. Is there an issue?

  22. no issue, posted priority next day as usual, gotta love Aussie post

  23. Damien R Pares

    Do the guides include all kinds or terrain? I’m looking for a mix of fire trail and some single track to clip a multi day ride together . Cheers

    • There is tight bush but no single, there is single running along side some roads but there is some very technical ones too that can be difficult on an adventure bike

  24. Has this been updated since it was created? Any new routes or updates to old ones for changed conditions? And any updates to the software or packaging? It would be a bit long in the tooth now.

    • Hi Craig
      yes it is a few years old but I picked the routes very carefully because I wanted it to have very good longevity. It was great riding then and still is great riding, the areas that were closed for the fires are reopened and freshly dozed but the rough places mentioned still are rough and the slippery bits are still slippery.
      We are having a few issues with tracks on vol 3, that disc crosses the Queensland border 5 times and currently unrideable through this section, sorry about that.

      • Thanks Marty. About to buy vol 1. I’m a Mac person, so will struggle through accessing the files directly I guess.

        • No worries using on a Mac. Sure the app itself doesn’t run, but all the info is there no worries. Nicely laid out on the disk so was able to figure it out without much problem. But since fewer and fewer computers are coming with a CD drive these days, have you thought about giving it as a download option? I had to use a 10 year old laptop to get the files off, but actually use them on my iMac that doesn’t have a CD drive.

  25. Hi Martyn,
    I recently ordered Great Rides Vol 2 and Vol 3 and paid via Paypal. Today, I received Vol 2 only. Is Vol 3 available? Still coming?

    • Australia post works in mysterious ways, both posted on same day in separate envelopes as usual, vol 3 will be there shortly. They might be slow but have never lost a disc completely

  26. I can’t open on my phone with QR code. I use Samsung Android.
    Actually go to Maps but nothing shows up there.
    Please, can you give more instructions or check th eproblem.
    Thank you

  27. Hi
    I’d like to know if all trails in all 3 DVD are for beginners.

    • there are easier options, usually the east but unless wet all are suitable and fun for beginners and experienced riders

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